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Edgar started his young career in real estate in Northern California at the ripe age of 18 years old.  Beginning his career, Edgar launched into real estate sales at Park Lane Capital where he was mentored and worked side by side with a premier agent who he is still good friends with now for over 16 years.  After several years of selling Northern CA real estate it was time to make a move.

He then went on to moved to Studio City, CA in 2009 to attend law school.  He worked at the Law Offices of Martinian & Associates, which specialized in helping many families in cases of personal injury & wrongful death.  He also went on to invest and create a few mobile apps that are now available and might be seen in the app stores for iOS and android.

Well after a number of years working at the law firm, he was convinced by his good friend Allen who had mentored him when he was 18,  that he needed to get back to the real estate world.  By making an industry leap to real estate from personal injury law, Edgar found professional success at a high level, selling his first 7 million in real estate sales within the first month in the business and obtaining more than 7 times the sales of the average agent in his first year.  He has made a high level commitment to his real estate education, having been mentored and coached by several of the most highly acclaimed real estate names in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Edgar is an enthusiastic member of the community and we enjoys a good fine wine, traveling, tennis, spending time with his family, and last but not least, showing clients the best that Los Angeles County has to offer.  Edgar is also fluent in both Spanish & Italian.